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How make a facebook phishing page within few seconds and hack facebook account

Hello Everyone, Today I'm going to show you how to hack a facebook id with help of a "Facebook Hacking Page" which known as "Phishing Page". No coding is needed!

What is phishing?
Facebook phishing page means a fake login page like facebook made by hackers. When anybody login into that page thinking it as a real facebook login, the hacker gets his username and password.

How to make a phishing page?
Let's make a Phishing page in very easy way in three steps.

Warning: This is for educational purpose only, Please don't use it in bad way. Hacking anyone's facebook account is illegal. I am not responsible for anything you will do.

If you are agree, Let's follow these steps:

Step 1: First go to http://trickbd.jdevcloud.com and click on "hacker" menu, Or you can direct go from this link:

Step 2: Now click on "Facebook Mobile Phishing"

Step 3: Then just fill up the form with any name and an easy password. Then click "Submit" and remember the password.

That's it!! you've successfully created a phishing page!


Now you will see two links here,
the first link is your phishing page link. Anything you input there, will be saved.

The second link will show you your victims username and password.

Let's see how to use this phishing page:

Step 1: copy the phishing link and send to your victim by telling anything.
Step 2: When your victim click on the link he will see a login page like facebook. When he try to login, you will get his facebook username and password!

Step 3: Go to the "Victim details will go to" link and login with the password which you given at time of creating the phishing link. If your victim login into your phishing page, you will get his username and password.

You can watch this video for better understanding:

If you don't understand anything, just ask it in our facebook page Zorex Zone

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