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How to make a (text bold, italic or other font) in Facebook

Hello everyone, Today I will tell you how to make a text bold, italic or other font in Facebook. Friends believe me it is very simple method to make your font bold or italic. As we know that Facebook didn’t give us any tool or option to change your font. But I tell you how to make change your text font. I hope will you really enjoy this. 

So let,s get start.

First of all you have to login on your Facebook or twitter account.
Click or visit below link to change your font.

1) Mothereff

2) Symbols-N-Emoticons

3) Yaytext

4) Facebook Symbols

Friends these are the sites where you  change and do any thing what you want , depends on you.

If you like my post please don't forget to share and like my page. or if you any problem regarding this and othere post you can comment me.

So use these sites and make your Social sites Best form others. And don't forget to spread the knowledge. 

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