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What are the effects of if your computer Hacked

Hello everyone, you never thought about that your computer can be hacked,  I am making this post to list some of the hacking effects, if your computer get hacked. You may have not been hacked and that is soemthing good, which means that you know how to protect yourself. This is also to help you know what a hacker is able to do if he gets into your system.

Most of the attackers use Trojan horses or worms to get into your system. What does that mean? Well your system will be compromised, and maybe you will even lost control on your computer.

Next, after the attacker gets into your system, he may use it as spam bot. Which is something bad , isn’t it? Being used as a bot to server the attacker aim.

What if you have information saved in your computer? Personal information or school projects etc, will be damaged as soon as the attacker is on your computer, this is the main purpose, to get your information or damage it. Maybe even you have asked yourself, what does my friend has on that folder, if you were an attacker, you would get on his computer and search for that, maybe delete it or share it, it depends on you.

That’s not all, other important things like your email address, which may be used to spam, (like send viruses, txt files to others), your ISP information, maybe even your password for online banking will be on attacker hands.

Most of the attackers gets your information but they don’t usually share it, they do it just to test their skills or somebody hates you. Anyway, you still have to protect yourself, now that you know what can an attacker do, maybe you should try to be more careful with what you do online.

None of the systems is safe as long as you are conneced to internet.

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