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How to Remove Shortcut Virus using CMD Command

Hello everyone, Many of us ask me a question to how to remove the shortcut viruses.
What is viruses? virus is the type of file that is come form search engine, websites. it destroyed yours all the data and important documents. Many of us had and having this problem. We have  important data in our pen drives, what will we do if all the data are loss. This problem may cause not only in pen drives, also in memory sticks, phone memories, external hard disks etc. If we trying to open those folders Windows will show an error that “Shortcut missing ” We are afraid of losing our data and somebody format the drive. So don't need to afraid this tutorial will help you to remove virus easily. just follow this tutorial.

Just follow these simple steps to remove the shortcut virus and retrieve your folders back. There is no need of antiviruses to perform this tutorial.

So let's get Start-

Step1#- First plug your virus affected pen drive in the slot  After plug  your virus affected drive, just press Win key + R to open Run box and type “cmd” and press Enter key.

Step2#- In the opened command prompt, open your drive by enter your drive letter as shown in the below figure. For example, if your drive letter is enter g: and press Enter. {To find your drive letter just open “My Computer” and check your drive icon}

Step3#- Now type “del *.lnk” and hit Enter. without any quotes}

Step4#- Finally type the below command and hit Enter. attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l

All done !!

In some rare cases, this method may not work, but don’t worry. There are many other methods, one of them will work. I suggest you to try the Malwarebytes Software , just in case you may find this hard or it doesn’t work.

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