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How to Hack WiFi Password On Android

Hello everyone, How are you friends, Many of you have seen tutorials on internet about how to hack wifi using Android. but the real truth is that most of them don’t work. Today i will tell you the good tool to hack wifi. Some of the hacking tutorials require you to download big files or suspicous files, but this application i am writing about is only 3.5MB.

There is the one question on your mind that, What do you need for this?
So, don't need to worry about that you want only  An Android mobile. 
And the Application Android Version 5.0 (lollipop) and above, for better results.

Note# This application may not work with all routers. It also depends how strong the password is.

Notice: We are not responsible for what you do, do it at your own risk, this is just for tutorial purposes.

So let's get start This tutorial.

Step 1#
First, you need to download the application from Google Store.

Step 2#
Just run the application and it will start searching for available networks in your area.

Step 3#
If available networks are available, the application will tell you if the WiFi is hackable or not. You can see this on the right of the WiFi name, if the lock is with green color means that the WiFi password is hackable, if it’s red then you will not be able to hack it.

Step 4#
After checking if the WiFi password is hackable , to get your password you just need to tap on the WiFi Name.

Step 5#
A new window will pop up, which will tell you if you want to proceed or not. Just click CONNECT.

Step 5#
Next, it will ask you if you want to chose the ROOT Method or NO ROOT Method {You will choose the NO ROOT Option}

Step 6#
A new window will pop up, it will ask you to choose on of the available pins, just select a PIN and tap on CONNECT (ROOT).

Step 7#
Now the application that uses 5 diffrent algorithms to find the correct password, will take some seconds to get the password of your WiFi {it depends on the WiFi password}.

Step 8#
The next window that will pop up, is your password. Just copy it and you are ready to connect on your chosen WiFi connection.

If your password is not available you have to go back at step 6 and choose another PIN.

All done, if you have better method so please don't forget to comment it below or you have liked my tutorial so don't forget to like on us facebook or share my post.

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