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How To Download Instagram photos

Hello Friends Today i will tell you to download the Instagram Photos, many users ask me how to download the Instagram Photos. So i have found the method to download, but friends it is not so easy method. it is so difficult.

Before starting this tutorial we must have the knowledge of what is Instagram, Instagram is social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. Instagram is a social mobile network site, where we share your Picture, video. Here you share your picture and video as publicly or privately. You also chat on Instagram. Instagram monthly users are 400 million active accounts on Instagram. Instagram global and United States rank is 19(June, 2016). 

So lets get started how to download Instagram photos.

In Instagram many people face download photos problem, today we will discuss how to download Instagram photos. It is very simple method to download Instagram pictures or photos. I hope that will you really enjoy this.

Step 1:- First visit Instagram official website and login in your Instagram account.

Step 2:- Select any picture which you want to download,Suppose i want this pic download, See below image. 

Step 3:- when you select the picture, go on URL link and delete link and press enter (see image).

Step 4:- When you delete the link and press enter, then right click on image and go view page source and shortcut key is Ctrl+ U.

Step 5:- when you click on view image source, a new tab open in your browser , go on this tab and press Ctrl+F and write jpg (see  image) then select the link of the image.

Step 6:- Just copy your link and paste in new tab. Now right click on your image and save your image.

All Done!!!

Here you learn very simple process to download Instagram photos. If you have any query related this topic, please let me know through your comment. And if you like my tutorial don’t forget to share my post. And you also follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page.

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