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Download and Install Windows Cursors

Hello everyone, how are you Today i am discuss about the Mouse cursors. mouse cursors can be changed very easily. Even if you are a beginner or a professional computer user. You can change your default mouse cursor and add a new one, customized by you or download some for free.You can change as many cursors as you want, there is no need to change all available cursors. There are a hundred of different cursors available in your computer, so it would take you a lot of time.

There are many websites that will offer you free mouse cursors, but keep in mind, there are two kind of cursors. Windows system supports two types of cursors: the static one and the animated one. It depends how you want your mouse cursor to be.

So let's get start To change your mouse cursors.

1-  Open this website to download the cursors. You can find many other websites that offer awesome cursors it depends on you.

2- After downloading the files, you will see a folder with all available cursor you can choose from. If you want you can use them all, if you want just change the basic one.

3- Go to Personalization->Settings->Mouse pointer settings by right clicking on your desktop. This option is for Windows 10, if your windows is other version ,Windows try finding it by using the search method

4- It will open a new tab, which will show you the default points and the properties.

5- To change your cursor theme, just click on the one which you want to change and click on Browse.

6- Choose the customized cursor you downloaded from the above website and click Apply.

All done!!

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