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The Best Antiviurs For Android 2017

Hello, friends nowdays Antiviruses are very important. Everyday there are developed hundreds of viruses to attack your system. 

Here comes the Antivirus Software, to protect you from diffren attackers, and keep your system clean and running. This time i am going to talk about Android Antivirus, diffrent from computer users, on phone softwares are free.

This is the list of Antivirus for your Android Phone:

360 Security Will keep your system clean and safe from viruses and trojans. It will work in background and you will not even notice the performance of this application. You don’t have to worry about your battery, background apps, memory, cache since your system will be optimized.

Installed apps and local APK files will be monitored in real time and scanned at the same moment. By downloading this antivirus, you will also get the free boost option. RAM memory boost, and your Android performance will be diffrent.

Mobile Security & Antivirus scans and secures against infected files, unwanted privacy phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans. Diffrent from the above antivirus, you won’t be able to get a boost for your phone, but there are other features this Antivirus offers. It is mostly concetrated on your privacy, to keep you safe from attackers or spammers, Avast offers, Call Blocker and App Locker. With these two you will be able to block any caller ID and add password to diffrent apps.

The antivirus by ESET is a little bit diffren from the above applications, with this you can Remote Lock, Remote Siren, GPS Location and Remote Wipe. There is also an option to buy premium Antivirus but we are talking for free antivirus apps in this thread. You will be able to change ESET permissions (disable monitoring, photos etc)

Save your mobile with these antviruse. 

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