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Most Dangerous Computer Viruses In History

Hello everyone, i thought that everyone has been at lest once infected with virus. It doesn’t matter what kind of virus it was. The viruses i am going to talk are not simple trojans, spywares or something easy to get caught by antiviruses. it is most dangerous viruses.

What did you do when you got infected?

You just simple tried to delete the virus using CMD code or run a scanner and everything is fixed. The viruses i am going to talk were more than this. You woudn’t even be able to reach your antivirus for scanning. The damages those viruses caused were more than just informations.

So i will tell you the world dangerous viruses, so know about that viruses and keep your computer from this viruses. 


ILOVEYOU is the most dangerous virus, it affected 50 million devices. What used this virus to do?

It was very simple. There was an email for you, a love letter with an attachment. Once it was clicked it would make the computer unbootable and it would forward to your contacts. The best part, the two programmers that created this virus, didn’t get affected by any law, at that time there wasn’t any law for malware.

Melissa was just a word document. Once you clicked that file, it will be automatically send to your first 50 contacts. What did that document file supposed to be?
Well, in the document file was supposed to be some porn sites password, but in reality there was just a script.

SQL Slammer was an internet worm, it used to slow Internet Traffic. Over 200,000 PCs infected and almost $1,200,000,000 damage.  This virus was to sent to random IP addreses which had no protection at all.

4- Code Red

Code Red a computer worm which infected over 1,000,000 Pcs. How did it spread? It randomly selected 100 IPs, scanned for Microsoft system and then spread to those computers.

Mydoom used to spread also by emails. It used to spread from your contacts, to your friend , family etc. Over 2,000,000 PCs were infected by this virus. The spread was faster than any other virus. The virus contained this senteance “andy; I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry,”

Which makes us think that this was something personal. The author of this virus is still unknown and in some ways this virus is still around today.

So be safe with these type of viruses.

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