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How you Play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player

Hello everyone, when you have to watch videos you have know where you have to go the single {youtube} every one see the Pictures, videos in YouTube. But some time you are seeing your favorite film or video and there are so many {Ads} in that you have to cut it again and again and its come again and again, and your mood goes off to watch any thing. Today i will show you a diffrent way how to watch YouTube videos easily.

Every one the program is called VLC Media Player, i guess you have already installed it on your computer, it’s a good software. If not, you can download it from here its a official site of VLC media player.

After starting the trick we have to know some fact about VLC Media player.
So let's get started.

What is VLC Media Player?

“VLC Media Player is a third-party video player program for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that not only can play almost any type of video format but also provides additional functionality not available in Windows Media Player.”

Why Should You have to Use VLC To Watch YouTube Videos?

You can skip ads. When you watch Youtube videos through VLC, you skips the ads that you would otherwise see if watched via Youtube.com. Multitask. When you watch videos on YouTube it makes the multitasking very hard. 

You will be able to take screenshots of videos or record videos. VLC allows you to take a still snapshot of videos you watch, or record whole videos. While you can also take screenshots while watching Youtube via Youtube.com {the most easy way is to Print Screen} but VLC makes it easier, plus gives you the ability to record video.

Loop videos. You can easily loop a video on VLC media player.

Steps to Use VLC Media Player To Watch YouTube videos:

Step1- Copy the URL of the video you want to play on VLC media player.

Step2- Open VLC Media Player and type Ctrl+N, a new window will pop up (it’s shown in the picture below), add the URL that you copied in step1 in the browser space. Now just press Play and you are ready to go.

All done your video is ready to play and you can enjoy a lot off.

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