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How to Use Your Smartphone As Mouse And Keyboard

Hello everyone, I Know some times you though that if you could use your Android Phone as mouse and keyboard for your computer, so don't worry there is no need to buy expensive equipments now. You can control your PC from your Android. To do this, you will need to install one software on your PC and a 15MB application.

So lets get start.

1- Start by downloading the Remote Keyboard for Android from Google Play.

2- Download the application for windows form here.

3- Make sure your computer/laptop and your Android Phone is connected in the same WiFi.

4- In your Android, you will see a device, which is your Windows System.

5- Your PC will display a code which you need to verify it by scanning with your Android Camera. If your devices pair with each other then you are good to go. for more follow the instructions on your application.

Notice- This trick will work only on computers/laptops which are Intel based systems.

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