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How to Use Advanced Search on Google

Hello everyone, tell me one thing, we use Google everytime, it’s the biggest search engine and liked by everyday users. But we don’t know much about it right? You see just an empty page with a search toolbar, but that’s not what Google is.

So to search on , is very easy but have you ever thought if there is something more than this? Everybody knows how to search on Google, you just write what you want and you are done.
In this simple tutorial i will show you how to do an advanced Google Search using some operators.

So let's get started:-

{link:}: What this operator does? It simply will show all the web pages that have links to a specified link.

{info} It will make Google show the information that has for a specified web page.

{inurl:} Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the url.

{related:} It will list the web pages that are similar to a web page.

{cache:} By writing this command, you will see how the web page was since the last time Google visited it.

Those are only some of the Google Operators, so when you use on of them, you need to remove [ ], for example, gathering info for my site, the operator will be, info: weaponsarena.blogspot.com

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