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How to Turn Off Display Monitor

Hello everyone, I thought all of us know how to turn off a monitor, right? You can just simply press your monitor button or from your keyboard. I made this tutorial to tell you about a software which can be used to turn off your computer by setting a time or by keyboard shortcut.

With this program you can tell your monitor to run off immediately or set a time for it, and the program will start counting. This is a good one to make yourself go away from computer.

The best part is that you can also use command line interface to incorporate the utility into your own scipts. Or you can simply configure the keyboard shortcuts.

This is how the program will look like when you set a time to turn off your monitor. In order to save your work, you can also adjust the seconds that program needs to turn off your monitor when the time runs out.

And this is where you can configure your hotkey, it is very simple, just find the most comfortable hotkey which you can remember easily.

You can easily download this program form here dekisoft.

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