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How to Save Any Website as PDF File

Hello Friends, This time i decided to share a simple trick, (as some of you may know) which will save the entire website as a PDF file. For example if we take this site, weaponarena.blogspot.com after converting, it will look exactly like an simple ebook with tutorials.

Tell me why would we need to convert a website to a PDF file?
Well there are diffrent reasons, let me tell you the ones that look important to me. One you have slow internet connection and it will take some time to load pictures or ads files. Second, no ads. And the third one, you can read it whenever you want.

So lets we start, How to Convert any Website in to PDF File:-

Go to the page you want to save as PDF, for example i am taking the homepage of weaponsarena.blogspot.com  type CTRL+P (i guess you already know this shortuct) and you will be redirected to the print page.

Now here is the trick part , find the Destination in the menu, and that change it to “Save as PDF”, you can see how it will look like from this snapshot,

 Then after changing it in to PDF u have to save after saving the document, the document will open in the PDF file and u can read it check it anywhere and any time. 

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