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How to Run Skype In Web Browser

Hello everyone, as we all know how to run Skype on our computers, so i am not telling you step by step guide to teach you how to run Skype client on your computer.I had discovered a new way to use Skype without even downloading its client. You can make calls, video calls if you have a camera, send messages.

So let’s get started, i would suggest you to use Chrome as web browser for Skype, as it will be more compatible for Skype. First sign in or sign up in this website using your Facebook ID or your Skype ID, if you don’t have one, create it.

Once you are in, the new windows will look same as Skype client but a little bit bigger as you can see in the Picture. I guess you are familiar with this, next, if you want to call a friend, select him from your contact list and press the call button.

After this,  It will ask you to install a plugin in order to do this, simply click on Install Plugin, the button in green. After you add this plugin it will ask you to add its extension on Chrome browser. Download and install it, it won’t take much time.

So in order to use Skype in your web browser you need to  install a plugin and Skype’s extension. 
Done you can enjoy the Skype in your browser without any setup files.

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