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How to Remotly Control uTorrent Using Your Android Smart Phone

Hello everyone, Today i am telling about the Torrent. There are a lot of torrent users around the world, so i decided to share a helpful trick for all those users. Torrents are so popular these days, and in my opinion most of its users don’t even know how it works, how to use it, they just find for what they are looking for.

It is an easy trick and can be done by everybody who owns at least an android smart phone.  i thought that you already have uTorrent installed on your computer, if not, download it from their official site. you can search on the goggle then download it, and install it.

Next step open uTorrent Preferences, go to Remote settings and make sure to click on Enable Remote. Now that you have enabled Remote settings for uTorrent, you have to make an account (no email required).

Just enter a Computer Name and a password, as shown in a picture, keep these private and safley in your mind, if somebody knows your Computer Name and Password, he can access your uTorrent.

To make your remote connection more secure, you can add a security question, and you won’t have why to worry about attackers using your uTorrent.

Next step you will have to download their application from Google Store, once it is installed, login in with the details you already created above.

After logging in, you will be redirected to a new page where you can access your uTorrent and make changes, like stop the download, pause, check torrents etc.

Done! the simple trick for all users.

But this is for educational purpose only, So, as u know that the uTorrent is closed for permanently but in future if it again back u can try this trick. 

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