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How to Recover Android Data Without Using Your PC

Hello everyone, if You lost your data like pictures, messages, contact ? And you want to recover all the lost things? . I will show you how to recover your lost data, with just a simple step.

This is the only application that will work, just download and install it. First time you open the application it will scan for any storage. This means how many storages are you using on your android smartphone (memory card).

Next it will show you all the possible photos, messages, contact that you can recover. It is very simple, just choose the pictures you want to recover and you are done. The recover process will take some time so you better have enough battery on your smartphone.

Notice## In order to recover Contacts or Messages you will need to get rooot access on your phone. Also if this way didn’t work for you, we have covered another way, you can check it out here.

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