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How to Make Mozilla 10x More Faster

Hello everyone , 

Many interent users have decided to use Chrome because it loads much faster and it looks more professional, also you don’t have to worry about hundred of toolbars. These are some of the reasons why a user would choose Chrome instead of Mozilla. Today i have tell you  a solution for you guys, to use Mrzilla instead of Chrome. 

So let's get Started:-

First i would suggest you to remove any useless toolbar such as weather, CPU meter or anything else because it will consume your internet connection speed. As in most of the cases, for slow internet connection users even 10kb/s is very useful.

Then open your Mozilla and in the search box type “about:config”, scroll down until you see those entries:


This method is mostly known as pipelining method, When you open your web browser and want to visit a site, the web browser needs to make a request before accessing it. But Mozilla can do only one request at a time. So by using the pipleining method, Mozilla will make several requests at a time. This is the part when you will see the loading difference. 

Then to turn this method on, you have to set the above entries to true, “Set network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining to true” for the last entry you have to put a value. It is suggested to keep the value between 20-30 { i would suggest to try some values, it depends on you which one will suit your connection} so “Set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to 25" for example.

This means that your web browser (Mozilla) will send 25 requests at a time. Or you may even try a lower value, like 7 or so.

Done, you can enjoy the internet speed in your Mozilla so much faster then any browsers.
And in last i would suggest you to remove all the useless extensions, as you won’t need any of them most of the time you are browsering also they can take most the net speed so just remove it if you not using it.

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