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How To Install and Use Python In Smart Phones

Hello frineds, Today i will show you how to use Python on your android smart phone. You will be able to run diffrent kind of scripts and edit them. Also you may share it with the community which i don’t think somebody will do it.

To install this application, you will have to just search for the word “Qython” on Google Store, it is free so don’t worry. Once you have downloaded it and installed, you will see a simple dashboard, where you can edit your code, compile it, and save it.

But You have one Question how to run a script in this application from your android system, don't worry there was the answer :-
Well, you will have to copy your code to the application folder. Once you are in, you will see anoher three folders, cache, projects and scripts.

Now let’s say you want to run an Ip Scan script (the file will be called “scanner.py”), find the application folder, and then go to scripts folder. If your folder is empty just paste the scanner.py file, if there is some oher python scripts, don’t worry.

You can access the file called scanner.py by going in your application menu->Programs, as i said above, if your folder script was empty, you will see only scanner.py on the list, if there was any other script, you will find them there.

That was it, very simple right? If you have any other way to use Python on Android comment below.

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