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How to Increase Undo Limit in Photoshop

Many of yours are using Photoshop to make your pictures beautiful, Mainly Photoshop is used by the Photographers. If you know to increase the undo limit in Photoshop so it very good if don't know so don't worry, in this tutorial i will tell u to increase the Undo limit. 

So, lets start?

There is no need to make a presentation about this software called Photoshop, since it is a legendary software. You can almost everything to a picture with this powerful tool. There is nothing to stop it until now.

But there are some tools that most of the users find them frustrating or hard to use. Well, editing a picture it is not that easy though. You will need a lot of experience to make a perfect edit. You can see everyday there are beginner guys editing their pictures, and in the end there is nothing but just a useless piece of  trash.

Anyway, Today I wanted to Share with you the Photoshop’s Undo tool, most of the time it makes me mad and angry. If you are the guy who doesn’t use layers in Photoshop, i bet you feel the same.
Layers can save you a lot of time when editing pictures, so try to use them.

You know that with the Undo tool you can not make too much changes, since it is limited, i am making this tutorial just to show you how to increase its limit.

Go to Edit->Preferences->General or you can simply use this keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K. A new window will pop up, search for the Performance settings on the left column.

Look for History States and change it to 1000, then just click OK to save it.


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