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How to Hide Hard Disk Drives Using CMD

Hello Friends, Some times in your computer something most important like, your Personal data's, and other that you don't want to share with any one or you don't won't that any one can see them.
There are many ways to do this, you can also use any software, but i woulnd’t recommend it, there may be hidden viruses so that would be dangerous             

Why would you hide your hard disk, well, there are diffrent reasons. Someone want to make his computer window look cool and hide some of them. Or you may want to hide your hard disk to protect your important files, if you hide it, other users on your computer won’t be able to open it.

Just follow my simple steps and you will be able to hide your hard disks in just some seconds using CMD.

So let get's Started;-
1-First open CMD, then type DISKPART, don’t worry, a new CMD window will open.

2-Next we need to check which volume is active in our computer, so type list volume on the new CMD window.

3-In this step we have to select which of the hard disks you want to remove, you can select any volume by typing, select volume number(replace number with the one you want, it will be select volume 5).

4-You will see a message, Volume X is selected, now to hide the hard disk, you have to type remove letter (leter) [so in this case the command will be remove letter E, since we have selected volume number 5].

5-Now you may check your computer and you won’t be able to see that hard disk right?

Done! your hard disk is hidden.

If you want to unhide your hard disk drive then follow these steps, type again list volume, all the active volumes will be listed again, but in this case, the one you hided above will be with.

Select the volume you want to unhide by typing select volume 5 , now that your volume is selected, you have to assign a letter to it. You can do this by typing assign letter (letter) [change the part (letter) to any letter] in this case the command would be assign letter E.

All done i hope you liked this trick and instead of any software you can this trick.

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