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How to Create a Fake File Using CMD

Hello everyone, today i will tell you the simple trick, As you can see in the below picture i have created a 476 MB picture file with PNG format. This is just for the purpose of the tutorial, you can use any format you wish. Fake files can be used for diffrent kind of purposes, and one of them can be spying or attacting.

If you want to also make the fake files you have to follow these steps, So let's get started:-

To make the fake file you will need to access CMD as ADMINISTRATOR, if you try to run it as a normal user it will give you error. Let’s run CMD as administrator and type or copy the following code, As you can see the picture

fsutil file createnew  *directory*\**filename**.**file format** filesize

From the above code you have to replace *directory* with the folder you want your file created. **filename** write a simple name (you can change this later if you want to). Be careful and don’t remove the dot between **filename** and **fileformat**. For example test.png, the code will be fsutil file createnew C:\tutorial.rar filesize. Now replace filesize with the value you want your file to be.

For example:
fsutil file createnew D:\tutorial.rar 70000 (Keep in mind that the size you will have to write for your file will be in bytes)

You can use any file format you want, some of the most used ones are .jpg .png . rar .exe .msi etc. The file will look like a original one, but if you try to open it, for example the one i have created in the picture above, it looks like a real PNG picture doesn’t it? If you try to open it, the Photo Viewer will say that the format is not supported.

This is mainly for educational Purpose only.

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