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How to Crack a ZiP File Password


Okay Today i am tell u how to Crack a ZIP file Password easily , this is a very popular question, how to recover my files, i forgot my password etc etc. I decided to share this simple cracking method. As you will see in the end of the tutorial it is not very easy if you do it by yourself. What i mean is that, you create the code and not find it ready.

Also something that you have to keep on your mind is that, any hack, crack or trick posted here won’t ast forever, it depends how much it can take. For example, let’s take this tutorial, cracking the ZiP file by using parrot os not tested on (kali linux), you will be able to crack a ZiP file until the developer fix its bugs, then, you will have to create another code or find one.

So let’s get started, you will need Parrot OS for this tutorial (it won’t work on Windows). Copy your file into Parrot Os, and open the terminal (Right click->Open in terminal). To use the tool you have to type fcrackzip but before going to that, you can type frackzip -h for a menu which will tell you what any command does.


Now to get the password, in the same terminal, type fcrackzip -b -c your characters -l 1-9 -u filename.zip

This is what the code means, fcrackzip is used to run the tool, -b stands for bruteforce -c is for characters (you can use numbers also, check the menu for more attacks). You have to replace your characters with numbers or alphabet chars. 1-9 is used to determine the length the password may have. The last thing you have to do is replace the ZiP file name to the one you have.

So in the end the code will look like this fcrackzip -b -c a -l 1-9 -u test.zip, it depends from the password of the file, it will take some time.

Done the password is Cracked.

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