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How to Check if Anyone Has Used Your Pc

Hello everyone, i am back with some new and interesting trick, imagine,  someone been snooping around your PC without your knowledge. and your computer contains some  private and personals data. and you have locked your computer with password . However, if someone has been granted access to your PC or you don’t have a password ,or if you have a password he know about that you might need to see if someone accessed your PC.   In that case, there is a trick you can simply check on the computer in your absence.

Here are the simple steps that you have to follow So, lets get started-

Step 1-Type “eventvwr.msc” in “Run” under “Start’

Step2-Now, on the left side, you will see “system”. Click on it.

Step3-Now just search for the date and time when your computer according to you should be off.
as shown in this picture

Step4-Now click two times on the event that has occurred during the off time and all the details will be displayed.

On the events of your computer you won’t be able to check what the guy who has used your computer in your absence has installed, copied or viewed. You will just be able to check some important information about when he started the system, when did he login etc. This was a simple Windows feature that a lot of computer user use it just to be sure that somebody has not entered into their PC.

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