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How to Boot Parrot Security OS Using Your USB or DVD

Hello everyone, I am back with some new tricks today, I will tell you to Boot Parrot Security Operating System using your USB or DVD.

Imagine that,  If you are a programmer or you want to learn more about computers and hacking, you should definitely switch to Linux. I have been using Kali Linux for along time, but lately one of my friends suggested me to switch over Parrot OS. And he was right, Parrot OS seem to be more powerful than Linux.

I would recommend you to use Linux as primary operating system, but sometimes we are not the only users on computer. So if you are that kind of guy who doesn’t have his own personal computer then you can use it as secondary operating system. This without even installing any simulator like VMware.

So let gets Started, but first  What you will need to Boot Parrot OS?

First download Parrot OS from its official website, check it out, choose between 32 bit and 64 bit  i would suggest you to download the 32 bit version, but download with your PC capacity if it is 32 bit version Computer then download 32 bit or 64 bit then 64 bit its depends on you. 

Although you can also download it using direct download or via torrent, the file already comes in IOS format.

It depends from the file size, you will need at least a 4-8 gb USB, or i would suggest you to get a DVD. These days DVDs price is very low. If you don’t know how to make a bootable USB or DVD don't worry you can check the tutorial from here to make Bootable USB or DVDs.

To boot Parrot OS, you have to simply insert your USB or DVD in the computer, restart your PC and open the boot menu before the windows start. In most of the laptops you can open boot menu by pressing F12 and in most computers you can press F8, and DELETE button, or you may want to check your computer manual to find it out.

There is one more problem, some computers or laptops {the modern ones} may have boot menu disabled and you won’t be able to run Parrot, only if you can enable it from the BIOS settings. 

Onermore Problem, there are tonds of tools that Parrot uses, you can check some of the most important ones here

All done after boot the new window will come and your PC looks is looks like this.

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